Tree House and Las Hornillas

After Mango Lodge, our next destination was called "Jungle Tree House", close to Miravalles Volcano in Guanacaste Province.
This area was not very touristic compared to the other parts in Costa Rica. The reason why I wanted to come here was to check out some hot springs along with the crater of Miravalles Volcano.
After 3 hour drive, we checked into the treehouse, that involved about 10 minutes walk from the front desk. The rustic experience of sleeping and waking up in the middle of nature.
On that day, we kind of got stuck inside the rest of the day, since it started to rain in the late afternoon.
We gave up walking up the trail, but we still had to force ourselves to walk back down the rainforest in the rain to go for dinner. Good thing they had the power in the treehouse and we had a portable wi-fi rented from our car rental, that was a huge help for us to spend time there.
We loved enjoying nature, but it would be tough for us to get isolated from the technology any more..

Aug 25,26 18 - 2 Aug 25,26 18 - 3
Aug 25,26 18 1 - 1

The next day we visited the volcanic activity centre Las Hornillas. They have walkable crater, hot springs includes volcanic mud bath. They also offer horseback riding or tractor tour to the waterfalls. I originally wanted to take a combo tour of horseback riding and crater/ hot spring tour, but the rain didn't stop through the morning so we just took the self guided crater/ hot spring tour.
We walked to observe the crater and volcanic mud pots (didn't take too long) then got changed to the bathing suites, went into the sauna, put on the volcanic mud, let it dry for a while, took a shower, and went to the thermal pools to relax.
I very much appreciated the warm bath as we only got a tepid shower the night before..
It just stopped raining when we got there in the afternoon and we almost had the thermal area to ourselves.
This tour costs $35/p includes Costa Rican lunch with apple juice. We chose chicken and fish, very nice!
翌日、活火山センターであるLas Hornillasへ。ここではミラベル火山のクレーターを歩いて、温泉や火山泥パックを楽しむことができるのです。また、乗馬かトラクターで滝を見に行くツアーもあって、本当は乗馬ツアーとクレーター・温泉のコンボツアーにしたかったのですが、午前中も雨がずっと止まず、滝ツアーは諦めたのでした。
Aug 25,26 18 - 4 Aug 25,26 18 - 6
Aug 25,26 18 - 5 Aug 25,26 18 - 7

View of Miravalles Volcano from the road.
Aug 25,26 18 - 8

When we came back to the treehouse property, I walked a short trail and came across this fellow..finally I got to say hi to a sloth!
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Crocodile River Tour

Day 6 in Costa Rica, we got a rental car and drove from Manuel Antonio to Tarcoles to join a crocodile tour.
Left Manuel Antonio at 8:00AM(though we were supposed to leave at 7:30), fortunately the traffic was good and we made it to the 10:00AM tour after 1 hour 40 minute drive.
The tour we joined was Jose's Crocodile River Tour. It was a boat tour to watch crocodile, inhabits and mangroves on Tarcoles river.
Soon after our tour started, a heron named Walter came to visit our boat and posed for a picture with us guests, he hung out with us for most of the cruise.
Not only spotting crocodiles, the boat pilot got out several times and fed them, they come to his whistle, get a snack and go back to the river after a bite. Ticos get along with crocs great
コスタリカ6日目は、レンタカーでマヌエル アントニオからタルコレスへ移動して、クロコダイル ツアーに参加。
マヌエル アントニオを朝8時に出発(本当は7時半に出るはずだったけど)、幸い渋滞にはまることなく1時間40分後に目的地着、10時発のツアーに無事間に合う。
参加したのはJose's Crocodile River Tour タルコレス川に生息するワニや野生動物やマングローブをボートで見に行くツアーです。
Aug 24 18 - 2 Aug 24 18 1 - 1
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They named many of the crocs as well, here was the biggest one called Osama bin Laden.
They had Shakira and Lady Gaga as well.
Aug 24 18 2 - 1

Also our funny guide spotted lots of wildlife like birds, lizards, crabs and explained with jokes, then cruised downstream to see the mangroves and ended 1 hour 45 minutes tour.
It was a lot of fun, we got to see the crocs close, yet felt very safe, enjoyed nice scenery. $35/adult $25/child, well worth it.
Aug 24 18 2 - 4 Aug 24 18 2 - 5

The tour finished by noon, and our accomodation this day was only about 20minutes drive. We were told that we could check in earlier so we drove up there directly, which became another impressive memory.
This place was named Mango Lodge, which is artwork by the owner, a retired architect. Designed so cool and artistic, an polygonal shaped building has an apartment for guests on the 2nd floor, which is well-ventilated and there is a lift for luggage as well.
There is a view of mango trees and ocean behind, the whole concept was comfy and relaxing.
Aug 24 18 3 - 4 Aug 24 18 3 - 3

Aug 24 18 3 - 1 Aug 24 18 3 - 2

Aug 24 18 3 - 5

We hung around this place and relaxed the whole afternoon, next morning we had a very nice breakfast on the upper deck. The view and atmosphere was a treat itself.
Aug 24 18 - 1

Both of lodge and the owner were absolutely lovely. We all wished we could stay here longer!
(Aug 24th 2018)

Zip Lining

Day 3 at Manuel Antonio was Zip Lining. Ziplining is one of the popular activities in Costa Rica, and we booked the tour with El Santuario, which has longest twin lines in Central America.
We joined the tour at 7:00AM, as the weather tends to be nicer in the earlier morning and rains in the afternoon. The company picked us up at the hotel around 7:00AM, collected several more group and took us to the office(served with coffee and pineapple), filled out the forms then we put on the harness, helmet and other safety equipment for the zip line, received the short orientation about the equipment and proper technique for ride.
The tour involves nature walks in the rainforest of course, includes some hanging bridges, which made me even more excited.
It was first zip line experience for me and Bonzo. They are very well organized and concerned about safety. Bonzo was a bit nervous with the hight at first but he enjoyed it after all.
マヌエルアントニオ3日目はジップラインのツアーに参加。ジップラインはコスタリカのあらゆる場所で人気のあるアクティビティーですが、私らが参加したEl Santuario は、中米一長いラインを誇るとのこと。
Aug 2218 - 1 Aug 2218 2 - 1 (1)

The main event, the longest zipline was approximately 100 meters above the jungle and the ride takes about 1 minutes and 40 seconds, the highest speed up to 45km/h. Bonzo needed to go with guides for this line and a few more lines after this.
I didn't get much speed myself and felt it took me almost 2 minutes. After going through all the platforms, we finished with rappelling.
Aug 2218 1 - 1

Aug 2218 4 - 1 Aug 2218 1 - 2

Aug 2218 2 - 1 Aug 2218 3 - 1

At the end of adventure, went back to the reception/dining area and had a Costa Rican lunch. Yummy!
By the way, after they drove us back to the hotel, I realized that my hotel key was missing. I buzzed the front desk to get us in and contacted the office of El Santuario and asked them to check for my key. I was almost freaking out but they responded right away, found our key, brought it to us just after their second tour..huge relief.
In every way,couldn't be happier that we did the zip lining with this company. Thank youuuuu
締めくくりはレセプション兼ダイニングエリアでコスタリカン ランチ。冒険の後の余韻も相まって美味でした

Manuel Antonio National Park

The next day we arrived at Manuel Antonio, we woke up to the sound of howler monkeys...
felt as if we were hearing some kind of dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.
Manuel Antonio National Park was just a block away from our hotel. It opens at 7:00AM and there was already line up at the ticket booth around 7:15. Admission US$16/adult, free for child. They can take credit cards but the line for the cash payment was shorter. In this park. You are allowed to take water, sandwiches and fruits but no other snacks like chips, no feeding the animals.
The park consists of a trails in the rainforest, mangrove, and beach. We mainly took the boardwalk trail through the rainforest to the famous Playa Manuel Antonio. We saw a family of agouti, racoon, and lots of crabs, though they was a bit too far to take a good photo. Bonzo was excited to spot bigger crabs.
Some kind of sloths are supposed to live here but we couldn't find any on the boardwalk this morning.
マヌエル アントニオに着いた翌朝、ホエザルの鳴き声で起こされる。かなり轟く声で、まるでジュラシックワールドで恐竜の声を聞いているような気分。
マヌエル アントニオ国立公園は、宿泊したホテルから目と鼻の先で、7:00AM開園。7:15くらいに行くと、チケット売り場はすでに人だかりで、入園料は大人US$16,子供は無料。ちなみにクレジットカードも使えるけど、現金で払う列の方がずっと短くて速い。ジャングルに持ち込める食料は水、サンドイッチ、果物のみで、その他チップスなどの菓子類は厳禁、動物に食べ物を与えるのも厳禁です。
Aug 21 3 - 1

Aug 21 - 2 Aug 21 - 1

Playa Manuel Antonio is very pretty, and also well known for the mischievous monkeys who try to take your stuff away, so you have to be very cautious with your belongings when you are in the water.
In fact, Daddy witnessed some capuchin monkeys trying to get someone's backpack and playing as a team, while I took a walk along the beach.
マヌエル アントニオ ビーチはとても美しく、またいたずら好きの猿たちがいることでも知られています。彼らは、カメラやパックパックなどを取っていこうとするので、水遊びをする時などはかなり気をつけなくてはならないのです。実際、私がビーチを散歩している間、オマキザルが誰かのバックパックを持っていこうとしていたらしい。しかも、一匹が人の注意をひいている隙に他の仲間が物をねらうという連携プレーまで披露したそうである。
Aug 21 1 - 1 Aug 21 1 - 3

An iguana and capuchin monkey I came across.
Aug 21 4 - 1 Aug 21 4 - 2

Bonzo never wanted to leave the beach, but eventually we head back after 2.5 hours. On the way back, we took another path outside of the boardwalk and finally got to see a 3 toed sloth crossing on the wire. Also enjoyed taking some pictures of plants and small wild life.
If you want to focus on animals and wild life, it would be better to hire a guide and they would spot the wildlife way more than your own. As for us we didn't, however we got enjoyed ourselves enough together with the beautiful view and the air. It was a great nature park.
Aug 21 2 - 1 Aug 21 2 - 3

(August 21 2018)

San Jose-Manuel Antonio

Day2, took one more walk in San Jose downtown, Monday morning. The Yellow building is called "Yellow House", a kind of government office of Costa Rica.
Aug 20 - 3 Aug 20 - 4
Aug 20 - 1

After check out, the front desk called a cab for us(it was more like private shuttle, as it was much bigger than regular cab) and we headed to the bus terminal. This day we were to move on to Manuel Antonio by public bus. Our bus departed at 10:30, and was almost full. Glad I got the tickets the previous day.
It is 3 hours ride from San Jose to Manuel Antonio, stopped for a break in a half way. I got a snack plate of pork and yuca for a quick lunch, which was good. After that we got stuck in traffic (there seemed to have an accident) and end up with a delay of 1 hour to get MA. Other than that the bus ride was quite comfortable.
It was only US$8~9/person.
Aug 20 - 6

Aug 20 - 7 Aug 20 - 5

We had a bit struggle finding the hotel from the bus stop, but we got to check in eventually and went down to the beach close by. We stayed 4 nights in Manuel Antonio, which is famous for the national park of rainforest and beautiful beaches. For dinner we walked to a restaurant in neighbourhood and I had a curry. It wasn't that spicy and there were pineapple in it.
Aug 20 1 - 1 Aug 20 2 - 1

(Aug 20th 2018)



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